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VIS-Check is an undercarriage diagnostic system combined with a performance based brake tester (PBBT) and a dynamic road simulator. The brake tester measures the braking force produced by each wheel on a vehicle, right to left and axle by axle. It then produces a definitive report on the health of a vehicle’s brakes including a PASS or FAIL rating to DOT specifications.

The road simulator allows technicians to view steering and suspension components under harsh operating conditions. Otherwise undetectable mechanical issues are easily spotted on the VIS-Check simulator.

*At the end of the inspection, it produces a “Safety and Efficiency Report” to guide and assist the service technician’s maintenance activities.

VIS-Check quickly detects:



  • Incorrect brake adjustment
  • Compressor performance issues
  • Air distribution problems
  • Faulty slack adjusters
  • Glazed or contaminated linings
  • Damaged S-cam components
  • Drum out-of-round conditions
  • Broken parking brake springs
  • Unbalanced braking force
  • Weak braking force


  • Worn tie rod ends and king pins
  • Spring pins, shackles, and hangers
  • Worn bushings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Loose U-bolts
  • Airbag integrity


  • Weight distribution
  • Axle load balance
  • Worn engine mounts
  • Damaged cab mounts


  • Detects high rolling resistance
  • Finds loose wheel bearings
  • Drivetrain problems
  • Worn yokes/center bearings
  • Loose exhaust mounts

VIS-Check peace-of-mind:

• Identifies ride issues, reduces driver fatigue
• Measures brake performance, confirms vehicle safety
• Measures rolling resistance, improves fuel economy
• Troubleshoots undercarriage, extends tire life

With our state-of-the-art VIS-Check, you can rest assured that the professionals at Big Moe Spring and Alignment can perform expedited diagnostics to find brake, steering, and suspension issues in minutes to keep your truck's downtime to a minimum!