Spring Service



Leaf Spring Diagnosistruck maintenance services

  • By disassembling your spring pack and visually inspecting the leaf spring, our spring specialists can identify degradation of steel (pitting), cracks, or broken leaves.
  • For springs submitted for bench repair (non-installed springs), free arch measurements can be taken and compared to the manufacturer free arch specification.
  • Inspecting the vehicle’s ride height is a critical component to determining potential leaf spring issues.
  • Over-loading (insufficient weight capacity) and uneven weight distribution can cause a vehicle to sag or lean.
  • Condition of the spring bushings, general age of the spring & condition of the leaves are all taken into consideration when determining if the integrity level of your spring has been compromised.
  • After all elements are considered; solutions can be offered to fix ride height and/or weight capacity issues.

Leaf Spring Arching (re-arch/de-arch)-

  • Arching leaf springs is a process or re-curving each individual leaf to a specific contour and free arch.
  • Vehicle ride height is determined by the arch of the leaf spring combined with the rate of the spring steel.
  • Modifying the arch will increase or decrease the ride height of the vehicle.
  • If a vehicle has a different ride height, either left to right or front to back, arching the springs can provide a solution.

Leaf Spring Add-A-Leaf(build-up)

  • At BIG MOE we fabricate Add-A-Leaves (build-up) as a method of increasing payload and lifting vehicles economically.
  • If your vehicle leans to one side or sags because of uneven or heavy weight distribution, we can fix it.

Leaf Spring Repair-

  • We are fully equipped to replace/repair individual leaves that may be bent, damaged or broken.

When to Replace Leaf Springs

Do your leaf springs sag or not carry weight as intended? Does your vehicle lean to one side or bottom out? Does it sag when loaded? Are your leaf springs bent, damaged or broken? We can help by providing factory replacement leaf springs, heavy duty replacement leaf springs, or custom design and build you a leaf spring for any need.

OEM replacement Leaf Springs available as well!

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